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  • 2017

    In 2017, it was awarded high-tech enterprises in Shanghai.

  • 2012

    In 2012, we warmly celebrate our certification through real name manufacturer in China manufacturing network.

    In 2012, we warmly celebrate our company's accreditation through Alibaba.

  • 2011

    since 2011, Chengxiang keeps up what clients need from an international and unique prospective. All customers speak highly of the quality of the machine. According to 17 years market experience, we have been trained to fight a certain amount of market power. Looking to the future, profound knowledge, and Chengxiang will be better and better. Opened a comprehensive layout, the rapid development of a new page, write a more beautiful brilliant new chapter.

  • 2010

    in 2010, Shanghai Chengxiang was named "Honor Enterprise" on Shanghai world expo in 2010.  Expo private enterprises Pavilion 180 days.

  • 2009

    in 2009, Chengxiang has the International Perspective forward special legislation, introduced advanced Germany technologies and creat Own Brand-CAYKEN. On the basis of international standards, stricting with the supplying of material, the quality of the goods, the main goals is producing the best quality of machine.

    In 2009 won the "integrity of private enterprises," and on a new road to industrialization superior enterprises.

  • 2007

    in 2007, The career of Shanghai Chengxiang are more successful in August 2007. Sales of products spread to more than 10 provinces and cities."CHENGXIANG" is the brand which was popular at home and abroad. And then very cities has our own authorised distributor.

  • 2005

    in 2005, "5s field management" was produced in 2005, and introduced ISO9001:2000 quality management system

  • 2002

    in 2002, The drilling machine was put into production in November 2002, And we build factory which is 5000 square meters. Not only produce the motor,but also creat our own brand-Chengxiang. And It has formed certain even sign well-knownness in the locality.

  • 1996

    In 1996 Shanghai Chengxiang was founded in March 1996. The Company mainly produces motor (stator and rotator)

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