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Together with Cheng Xiang -- witness the power of the core
  • Shanghai Cheng Xiang - the world's leading operator of high grade professional electric drilling tools.

    Founded in 1996, with its good commercial reputation, continuous innovation ability and persistent pursuit of high-quality products, Shanghai Chengxiang has formed a strategic partnership with CAYKEN Group, Germany, and has acquired an international synchronous technology and production platform, and has shared international channels.

    Cheng Xiang's main products include diamond drilling machine, wall cutting machine, magnetic drill and other industrial drilling machinery. It covers more than 20 series and more than 100 specifications. It is widely used in industrial manufacturing and large-scale infrastructure construction. It is a complete set for aerospace, shipping, automobile, petrochemical, engineering machinery, construction and other industries closely related to national economic development.

  • The company has passed IOS9001:2015 quality system certification, CE certification, ROHS certification.

    Over the years, the company's brand operation and product quality have been recognized by users both at home and abroad. Today, Chengxiang is exploring a positive development path for the establishment of an international brand belonging to China, the sustainable development of Chinese national enterprises, and the promotion of the reform and progress of drilling machinery.

    Build tools and help the world! Shanghai Chengxiang is determined to make its own contribution to innovation through unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit in the field of quality and innovation, from "Made in China" to "Created in China", and thus win the respect of the whole world!

TOP 1 manufacture of drilling machine in Asia, sold to more than 110 countries and areas
Six?advantages of Chengxiang brand
  • Brand
    Nearly 20 years of brand-building, Supply base assurance. The brand has high popularity, reputation and loyalty.
  • Base advantage
    The off-line base plant ensures the stability of supply, quality control and exclusive sales advantage.
  • Security advantages
    According to machine research and development, monitoring, quality grade selection, logistics direct supply, sales quality control, safety production, meticulous.
  • Procurement advantages
    Online and offline sales, base direct supply, scale procurement throughout the world, reduce intermediate links, to ensure product price advantage.
  • Logistics Advantages
    Our company cooperates with many logistics companies! Establishing an advanced central distribution center, Integrating supplier resources, establishing wholesale platforms and managing information to maximize the value of the supply chain.
  • Management Advantages
    Our company not only has six unifications of retail procurement, distribution, image, price, service and promotion, but also has a management team that has grown up from the grassroots and has practical experience.
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